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we want to tell you all about something new we are doing and why. Let me first recap local, recent news from various sources:


62 year old woman dragged from her car at a local YMCA carpark, broad daylight, she was beaten and her car was stolen. Yes they caught them but the damage was done. Lady in hospital for a few days to heal physically, emotionally?


Local Ellerslie shop, robbed for the 3rd time. The lady was beaten during one of these robberies and left very bruised. What must she think everyday when at work just trying to earn a living?


Woman followed at a local Rugby Club and explicit comments were made to her, luckily the lady removed herself safely.


Local woman mugged and left with a black eye after leaving work from a local business.


This is just in our area alone and the news everyday has events just like these and some with much worse being reported.


We want this to STOP. We want the news to report that when these events happen, because unfortunately we can't stop them, that the woman managed to get away safely. We want these people to know that at least Ellerslie and surrounding area's have had enough and we will not be the easy targets they are looking for anymore.


So this is the WHY answered. So to the WHAT.


We are running a new class called "Women's First Response Class" and this is open to ALL WOMAN, no matter whether you are a member of The Fitness Club or not, and it is open to Women from any area. We hope that all women from at least our own local area will come along to do this class and we guarantee you will all leave with new knowledge of which we hope you will never have to use, but it will always be there, just in case.


As our flyer says, and it is important to note, this is NOT a fitness class, it is NOT a self defense class. It is training in what to do in that initial moment when your world is interrupted by one of these people and will teach you a natural reaction and skills that will put the offender on the back foot for a split second, taking their power away, and giving you the ability to escape. It is not about capturing this person but giving you the time you need to get away safely. If you loose your wallet, phone or belongings then so be it, but you will be safe and they can be replaced. The skills are simple, basic and can be learnt by ANYONE no matter what.


We are running this not to make any money but to help reduce these problems we all face and we ask you to Please Make the time to attend. We aim to run these classes at least twice a month and they will take only 2 hours of your time. You only need to attend 1 to gain everything you need.


The price for this 2 hour session is just $10.


Our team at the Ellerslie Business Association are on-board with us and are sponsoring a limited number of spaces for women of local businesses to attend, so for you that get your name in early, this class will be free thanks to Megan and her efforts.


So all you need to do is email us at or call on 525-4028 and give us you name, email, contact number and whether you work at a local shop or not and which session you would like to  attend.


For the Males reading this, sorry this isn't for you but think about your partner, mum, sister, etc and get them along.


So, sorry that this was a long message that took you away from you day with these thoughts but it's better we say it all in one go. So thank you for reading this and please help support this class.


Many thanks to you all and have a great and SAFE day,


The Fitness Club Team


Testimonials from some of the first attendees:



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  • Absolutely, every woman should be at these sessions, well taught and instructed. Awesome!!
  • Very Hands-on and lots of practice. Clear instructions
  • Absolutely! Amazing what you can actually do when you put your hand to it, and how much strength you have
  • Definitely will help any woman. Never knew any of these moves but now I feel I have the ability to help myself get out as quickly as possible. Feel a little more confident and aware.